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Egypt Visa Canada

Support Department posted this on Feb 13, 2020

Are you from Canada and want to travel to Egypt? Well, then consider all your worries about getting an Egypt visa gone.

Do canadians need a visa for egypt?

Yes, they do. Whether you've never had a visa to Egypt, you don't comprehend the criteria, or you've been under either the illusion that it's outrageously costly or complicated, the reality is far different. The truth is that Egypt's visa for Canadian citizens is simple, accessible, and quicker than ever, thanks to the internet and a few secret keys.

In the most profitable case, Canadian passport holders are no longer expected to stand in line for hours at their native country's embassy or consulate or to wait in line once they have landed at a border crossing in Egypt as Canada is one of the countries in which people are eligible to apply for eVisa.

Egypt Visa Canada

Best way to apply for Canadians is online

The two forms of Egyptian visa for Canadians are via online or visa upon arrival. The visa upon arrival applies to Canadian passport holders. Usually, it makes passengers stand in line to show their documents and pay a cash charge because credit and debit cards are not permitted at Egypt's borders.

However, the Government of Egypt introduced an online visa for residents of 46 countries back in 2017. Canada is one of them, making the entire Egyptian Visa process more open to Canadian citizens than it has ever been.

The eVisa is a much simpler way to go to Egypt and can be done online by submitting personal details and submitting the payment for the process. While applying for the visa, visitors do not need to be in Canada, which offers them greater versatility while flying on a loose schedule.

No need to visit the embassy

Apart from all the other benefits, the primary advantage you'll get with the online Egypt visa application opportunity is that applying for one will no longer be hectic. Traditional methods in the past are no more in use as everything can be done at home.

Instead of visiting the embassy and wait for hours in never-ending lines, all you have to do is to fill the forms online and wait for your visa, and that's it.

  • You'll need little details from your Passport for your Visa for Egypt, which should be valid for at least six months from your specified date of arrival.

  • To submit your online application form, it takes only a few quick minutes to finish as long as you meet some specified criteria, have all the information, remember your scheduled travel dates, and enter some necessary personal details.

Thus, Canadian travelers who wish to visit Egypt and spend their vacations there are no longer required to go to the Egyptian embassy to get their visas.

The visa document will be delivered by e-mail once approved

As an eVisa applicant, you will have a preference for what type of visa you want to apply for.

  • A single-entry visa enables travelers to visit Egypt for up to 30 days at a single time. In this scenario, they will be asked to submit for a separate eVisa if the visitor leaves Egypt for any time frame.

  • A multiple-entry visa permits travelers to have the freedom to come and go as many times as they desire over a period of 180 days.

For the most part, you will fill an application form divided into three categories to complete your Egyptian visa.

  1. The first category will ask your necessary details, such as your name, email address, residential address, and passport information, etc. At this stage, you must also pick the type of visa you think will benefit you and the time of processing.

  2. Phase two includes payment and revision.

  3. The final step allows you to submit some documents and address other personal questions.

Once the application is processed, the request for Egypt eVisa will be examined and presented for approval to the Ministry of Interior. You will obtain the Egypt Visa document via e-mail once the application is approved. You can print the approved visa document and carry your other travel papers with it.

Make sure to upload a clear passport picture

One of the most frequent questions when applying for a visa is that how many photos should submitted with your visa application. Even though it is necessary to provide a passport picture, there are some key points you should pay more attention to. One of them is to upload a clear image. Since you are applying for an eVisa, proper care while uploading an image is crucial.

Since your picture or digital image is a vital part of your visa application, your image must be;

  • Having good photo quality.

  • No blurry images

  • Absolutely no glares.

  • It should be remembered that the picture must be colored.

  • Neither black nor white images are allowed.

  • Passport must be valid for at least six (6) months.

Also, you must make sure that the image you are submitting is fulfilling other requirements, too, such as it should be an image showing the passport page in its entirety. Barcode at the bottom must be clearly visible.

An unclear passport picture can lead to many complications, as bad pictures are the primary cause of visa-delays.

Avoid visa on arrival lines

Having Egypt visa online for Canadian citizens brings many comforts. You can get an Egypt eVisa in advance before you travel to the country. You will receive an email that contains a PDF of your visa. The eVisa will also be attached electronically to your passport to scan it at immigration successfully. However, all these facilities won’t be available if you apply for a visa on arrival.

You get a visa on arrival by completing the application form, presenting a passport, and paying the fees. It can seem pretty straightforward, but the disapproving points are more in visa on arrival.

You have to stand in line for hours and wait. Furthermore, you have to pay in USD only, the main reason this form of visa is not ideal for frequent travelers. Since you cannot pay in any other currency, you are required to have an extra amount in your bank. Besides, credit or debit cards are not acceptable.

On the other hand, eVisa is relatively quick and easy, offering you all the ease in one place, which can either be your home or any other site. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. There is no need to wait, and thus this paper-based alternative saves more time.

Be prepared on arrival with document print-out, hotel details, and transportation details

You should keep in mind the essential points when applying for eVisa.

  • First, your eVisa for Egypt will be valid for 90 days, and overstaying can cause you to be fined, deported, and even banned from Egypt for any future visit.

  • You must keep your printed eVisa copy with you all the time and especially when you visit the immigration office.

Other than your eVisa document, you should check out for hotels, and if possible, a travel guide, too, most specifically if you are visiting Egypt for the first time. When you intend on a visit to the Great Pyramids, you will spend at least one or two nights in Cairo. Do not try to do too much in one day when preparing your time in Cairo. The traffic in Cairo is awful, and if you didn't allow sufficient time between tours, you might easily miss it.

Final words

In this modern age, receiving your visa for Egypt is not difficult if your preference is eVisa. With it, you can get your visa easily, quickly, affordably, and without any hassle, because everything can be done online comfortably.

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