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Frequently Asked Questions


By applying online for the Egypt Visa, you do not have to visit the consulate or embassy.

You can submit all the required documents, information and pay for visa fees online. If your visa application is approved, you will receive visa copy via email as a .PDF file.

This newly implemented process is intended to streamline the Egypt Visa, and promote tourism to Egypt. Now, people traveling to Egypt for tourism purposes can apply via an online platform and attain the travel authorization much quicker as opposed to the traditional Egypt Visa application, which can be time consuming.

Total cost for Egypt Visa fees for applicants from eVisa eligible countries depends on entry type.

Entry type:

Single - 85.00 USD
Multiple - 120.00 USD

Fees listed includes visa fee and processing. For more information regarding each entry type, See "What types of visas are available?" below.

Currently, Egypt Visa Online offers two entry types for travel to Egypt. See below for details.

Single: Allows visitor to enter once (1) into Egypt within the three (3) month validity period from date of issue. Stay cannot exceed 30 days.

Multiple: Allows visitor to enter Egypt multiple times. Visitor has three (3) months to enter Egypt. Following visits must be done within (6) months from the first visit. Each stay cannot exceed thirty (30) days. Visitor may enter as many times they wish within the validity period.

Each application received is carefully reviewed by a specialist to ensure approval.

Once the application has been successfully reviewed, processed and approved by the appropriate authorities, the document will be delivered to the email on file as a .PDF file.

Once the approval email is received, print the Egypt Visa and store with your travel documents.

Processing of the Egypt Visa can take up to 5 business days.

This mainly depends on the Passport Image submitted falling within listed specifications. Images have to be within the Ministries' guidelines. Details regarding the specifications can be found on the second part of the application.

If image submitted does not meet the specifications, an email will be sent out requesting new image.

Once the image meets the specifications, processing usually takes 5 business days.

Important: "Length of Processing" begins after the applicant has finalized Part 2 (which includes submitting per specifications image).

The applicant will need to apply for Egypt visa online to initiate the application. Information provided includes: name (last name/surname and first name/given name), gender, date of birth, country of birth, nationality, passport details, Egypt Visa type, and expected arrival date.

Once payment is received, the applicant will immediately be directed to Part 2 of the application. The applicant will need to provide a clear Passport Image (see below for specifications). It is important to submit per specification as failure to do so will delay the application process. The applicant will also be prompted to provide: profession, address, host information, and additional details.

Once the application is successfully received (with compliant images) processing usually takes 2-5 business days. Document will be delivered to the email on file (email submitted in payment screen). Print the attached PDF document and keep with your travel documents.

Passport Image Specifications

  • Page where the applicants information is stated (name, passport number, date of birth, etc).
  • Details must be clearly visible.
  • Image must be in-color.
  • Scanned copy of the passport.
  • High in quality.

Application Requirements

After the applicant completes the payment, he/she will automatically be prompted to complete Part 2 of the application. The second Part 2 must completed in order to finalize the eVisa application.

An email titled "Application(s) Received" is sent out immediately after the payment is captured. In the email there i a link giving the user access to Part 2 in case the page is lost or closed on accident. If the email was never received, please contact us.